Our Distribution Partners

Our distributors are organizations such as:

1. Client companies – Such as multi-national employers, direct marketing (such as MLM) groups
2. Loyalty and affiliated groups – Such as hotel chains, travel clubs, purchase clubs, investment clubs and student campuses
3. Financial service providers – Such as Forex trading companies, small financial institutions and remittance companies
4. Referring distributors – Not client companies but independent marketing companies

Upfront & Monthly Residual Commissions

In addition to provide solution-based products to our client companies, we also provide financial incentives for distributing our products that include:

1. Markups – Client companies are free to add upfront markups to the products, such as the prepaid cards.
2. Residual commissions – More importantly, we also share a significant portion of the monthly commission residuals, with each client company, from the usage of the cards. These commissions are derived from ATM withdrawal charges, purchases online and at merchant locations.
For some of our International Card programs, commissions sharing include fees from currency conversions (foreign exchanges or FX). Depending on the amount of usage, a client company’s portion of FX commission can eclipse more than $10 per card per month.
Commission revenues are long-term, recurring, and cumulative and grow exponentially because they compound over time.

Getting Started As A Client Or As A Distributor

Please contact us for further business discussion or for receiving a Product Presentation by filling out the form at Contact Us page or call our office at: (858) 886-9859.

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