Our product-market encompasses 6 billion+ world consumers listed in the following operating arenas:

Application Type Description Of Application Motivation For Client Group Client Group Examples Applicable Financial Product
Payroll, Payment & Payout Companies with international employees & suppliers

Affiliation group want to provide benefits to members

Efficient, low cost, rapid and on-time disbursement of funds Employers, MLMs, investment clubs U.S. card

International card

eWallet (for professionals)

Subscription (Recurring) Billing Companies send out recurring billings Efficient, low cost, rapid and on-time receipt of payments Telecom service providers, international mortgage companies, schools U.S. card

International card

eWallet (for professionals)

Remittance (P2P) Person-to-Person remittance Efficient, low cost, convenient and less amount-restricted transfer of funds, primarily “Cross-Border” OFW (Overseas Foreign Worker) groups, MTOs (Money Transfer Operators) U.S. card

International card

Funds Transfer Bridge

Travel & eCommerce Travel agencies and organizations selling cards to:


People purchase items not available with their own cards or cash

Offering valuable and more widely accepted bank instruments to end users Travel agencies, cruise liner operators U.S. card

International card

Retail GPR (General Purpose Re-Loadable) Retailers selling cards and loading cards for general spending and transaction convenience without cash Retailers makes money:

Selling cards, from residuals and for loading cards

Increased traffic of shoppers in the outlets

Convenient stores, grocery stores, department stores & insurance agencies U.S. card

International card

International Investment & Trading Companies need:

To disburse dividends and gains

To provide international banking instruments for clients to do trading

Providing clients ways of payout and ways of pay-in to trading companies Investment banking & Forex trading operations U.S. card

International card


High Volume Mobile Commerce Companies supply cards and Mobile Wallets to reduce transaction time, increase customer loyalty and security access benefits Reduced lobby traffic

Increased customer loyalty benefits (points, cash-backs & discounts)

Increased access security & Protecting customer identity

Hotels, restaurants, transportation operators, taxis & student campuses U.S. card

International card

StyloPay Wallet

Casino Gaming Casino operators supply non-cash banking instruments for gaming and purchase of casino chips Increase gaming participation by offering non-cash financial instruments

Disbursing wins

Casinos in Macao, Mexico, Central America, etc. International card

Funds Transfer Bridge

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